Attorney Joseph A. Jaumann

As a child, I had a habit of arguing with my family members, with my teachers, with pretty much everyone.  About what you ask?  Just about everything - from the existence of Santa Claus to what time I had to go to bed.  I can remember many an adult (my mother mostly) telling me that if I was going to argue about everything – become a lawyer!  Well that stuck with me, and here I am. 

Growing up in suburban New York City, I knew what trouble looked like.  My outspoken argumentative nature seemed to be a beacon of trouble in my youth.  In high school, my mouth did more than earn me detentions.  It helped find me my way onto the mock trial club.  Continuing into college, I took courses that helped me hone my future craft.  I learned to research, write better, and learned to listen. Listening, I learned, is often harder than arguing.  While in college, my academic advisor told me that a well-rounded candidate is what law schools seek.  So rather than continue directly to law school, I took to finding fulltime employment and getting “real world experience.”  I found it doing medical billing for a large medical group.  For my age and experience, I was paid well, but I was doing the same thing over and over.  That just wasn’t for me. 

All around me, many of my friends were getting married, having children, start new jobs, and settling into their lives.  I saw other friends going through different life challenges.  One friend got into some serious legal trouble.  I went through this ordeal with my friend.  I came away from that experience admiring the counsel and advice provided by the seasoned and experienced trial lawyer that guided my friend through a difficult time and helped him make difficult decisions.  Witnessing this experience unfold before me, I decided I could no longer wait to become a lawyer and I began applying to law school.    

I started law school in August of 2000.  I fell in love with law school and learning about the law.  I was surrounded by others who enjoyed argument.  I enjoyed it so much that after law school, I completed a post graduate program in Washington, DC, earning an LL.M. or master’s degree in law. 

What my life experience and education had taught me to that point was that I wanted to be the person that others relied on when they needed help.  With that in mind - in January of 2005, John Drapp and myself opened Drapp & Jaumann, LLC.   

Since starting our practice, I have helped thousands of clients in many different areas of the law. I still enjoy advocating and arguing on behalf of my clients.  Over the years, I have handled personal injury cases, represented businesses, and litigated cases involving family issues as well as all aspects of a family’s involvement with the Department of Children & Families (“DCF”).  I have also handled criminal matters ranging from motor vehicle infractions to murder including numerous jury trials to verdict.

Today, I continue to help people that are facing serious legal issues.  My clients include people being accused of a crime, people being investigated or accused by DCF of child neglect or abuse, and people facing the difficulties associated with their children being delinquent or being expelled from school.  I also assist clients that are going through child custody issues, are seeking to gain custody of a child, or are facing the loss of a professional license or a government investigation into their personal or business practices.  It is challenging work for sure, but being able to provide counsel and comfort to clients in their time of need is what I always wanted to be able to do.  I consider myself fortunate that I am able to do exactly that. 

I reside in Ansonia with my wife and children.  I am an avid animal lover owning five dogs and cats.  I am currently an elected member of the Ansonia Board of Aldermen and the Co-Chair for Ansonia of the Ansonia/Derby Temporary Regional School Study Committee which is studying the regionalization of the Ansonia and Derby school districts.  I am the Chair of the Ansonia Republican Town Committee, and a member of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce. 



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